Get a Backbone: Courageous Commited Conduit
Kate Smith

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Hey Judy! Most of the students I teach fit your description. I tend to get a lot of women who are just getting too old (or wise) to sweat it out in a boiling room and move to fast and do too many chaturangas. For me, this days, its about spine flexibility and strength - which essentially leads to a healthy core. I hope to meet you and your amazing body in the flesh some day, Judy. My love abounds....coming right to you.
I love that this class slows down the pace and works on a deeper level. Many classes feel so rushed and I find myself tired but feeling like I missed the point. Great class and series! I finally know how to do a safe plank after the plank segment - so freeing after healing a shoulder injury. Thank you!
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Cecilia! What a lovely comment. I feel the same way. I often feel "rushed" in vinyasa flow classes. Every once and a while, it's kinda nice to just slow down and take our time. ;) And I'm so glad to hear the plank series was helpful. Having a sturdy plank has opened up a whole new world for me (and my students). We've all cut back on chaturangas and often hold plank or do plank variations that challenge the core rather than overload the shoulders. Sending much love your way, Sister....;)))))
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This class was a totally different experience for me. I found myself really listening and gauging the movement of my body to truly get the best out of what was being offered. For the rest of my day, my muscles felt totally relaxed. Thank You! (great pants!)
Dannette! Sounds like you captured the experience precisely. To me this class is certainly a unique experience. I have to really LISTEN when I take this class. Focus. Listen. And serisouly work within the parameters of my own skin. It makes me feels very much "in my body" and it also seems to give me a true body/mind connection. Immense LOVE coming your way. Thanks for the comment. ~Kate
These sequences felt so wonderful after sitting at a desk all day! Unique alignment cues as well.
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It was really good to slow down and tune in. Loved the cat-cow movements and I will try to take this playfulness into my personal practice. I found the tuning into my spine and pelvis really helpful. Also liked the time to explore. As many others have said, flows can often feel rushed, especially when there is only one breath per move. It’s good to have space to feel. Thank you.
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My first experience with yoga was doing standing balance moves, and the shaking is what convinced me that those deeper intrinsic muscles needed some love. Appreciated the humor and impersonations and reinforcing how important it is to just be me with my body. The lesson about gravity and grounding was super interesting. It's neat to practice moving like water or with gravity. This practice was a bit like a final exam practicum. 
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A final exam practicum, eh? That's an interesting take! Those deeper muscles are so key...."how important it is to just be me with my body".... I love that you got this out this practice....this is a mantra for me.... being at home in our own bodies feels so vital to me. Well, once again, I appreciate the lovely and inspiring comment, David Goldstein :)))
By the way, David Goldstein ... did I mention the "tremor of truth" in this practice?....did I ever say this in a practice? ... not sure if I did, but this is one of my favorite insights from one of my favorite local teachers. The teacher is a dear friend (a pilates instructor, not yoga) and she used to say to me that shaking in a pose is not a sign of weakness but a "tremor of truth" are getting to the truth of the matter when you shake in a pose. The source. You're in deep when you shake. We shouldn't be afraid of it. We should welcome it!! I love this....
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