Yin Yoga: Meet Yourself with Ease
Kira Sloane

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Dearest Aparna, thank you for practicing together. xok
That rain you talk about in this practice sounds wonderful! We can use some of that here in Houston:)) Love this practice! Thank you Kira!
beautiful relaxing poses. Loved it! Thank you.
Dear Tesa, hope you are well. xok
Dear Carol, thank you for being here. xok
My first Yin practice - a yoga teacher had told me she thought I would enjoy and I certainly did - feel beautifully relaxed. Really good to hold the poses and loved the Eagle Twist.
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So happy to hear, Geraldine! xok
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hi Kira
Am trying all of your classes and absolutely adore them, your calm but also very engaging and slightly quirky way ( hope that's ok to say that) is just perfect for me - and I am sure, thousands of others!
Thankyou again xx
By the way , I couldn't do Pigeon pose when I ried before, but did with you.x
Glynis, love, quirky is me. Happy about the pigeon! xok
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