The Happy Back Show: Exploring Nooks and Crannies
Kira Sloane

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Great, gentle and encouraging practice. Thank you Kira! Nice pants!
Aren't they great?? Thank you, Lorice! xokira
I love this sort of class, it really feels good. I have Scoliosis so lots of tightness etc - my inner thighs and groin areas are very 'clicky' - can you recommend this or any others to try please?
Dearest Glynis, so happy that this practice was helpful.

Arturo Peal offers some wonderful practices in the second Season of this very show. ow-season/4598/Yoga-The-Happy-Back- Show-Season-2-Low-Mid-and-Upper-Bac k-Relief

You might also check out some of the practices that Alana and Emily share in the Too Tight to Stretch Show. ow-view/87/Yoga-Show-Too-Tight-to-S tretch

You also might like Padma's practices for the pelvis and legs in Season 3 of Asana Studies: /show-season/564/Yoga-Asana-Studies -Season-3-Padma-Borrego

If none of these are match, let me know. There are more to consider!

Thankyou so much - will have a look today, got mat out ready!
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Thank you dear Kira - The Happy Back Show is just the bees knees. Less pain, loving it (and I bet bees have happy knees)
Dearest Kim, so happy! !
I have to be so careful with my back, this practice felt sooo good and helped me to loosen up in all those little places. Thank you for this wonderful sequence.
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Dearest Joan, your success makes me so happy. Yes, please take good careful care of yourself. xok
Kira, the more I do this the better I feel, and the more aware I am of the suble movement in my body. I love your philosophical teaching of how breath affects the body and movement, and the changes in the muscle, bone position, and the softening. I am so grateful to be following your teachings and learning something new with each practice. Love💕
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