Keepin` it Real: Morning Routine
Robert Sidoti

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That was freaking awesome!
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I loved the twisting and rocking the the movements.. it felt so good-- really warmed up my back and shoulders. The perfect morning routine I've been looking for!! Thanks :)
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Watched this one again.. I just love this. It's so easy and I love when you're talking about the hot beverage and getting in some me time before my day begins. This helps me focus on how I want my day to be. Thanks so much!!
fantastic sequence for AM- short sweet to the point, a nice way to reintroduce ourselves to our bodies that is not overwhelming or time consuming-- and for certain a benefit to all levels.
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So succinct. So perfect.
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Love the vibe. Great warm up also.
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Hey Robert, got busy, got distracted and got away from the mat for a couple of weeks- this morning convinced myself that meeting with you for 10 minutes that I could do. So grateful you are here. Cheers Sam
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I didn't feel like I was rushed through the stretches. I really liked the relaxed mood while getting the body ready for the day with my cup-o-joe!
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Hello and thank you. For years I would love to start a morning routine, but I am struggling with the wish and the reality. I like your playful movements, and I know my start in the day is always better when I practice just a little bit. I did it this morning, maybe I prepare my warm water and do it again tomorrow morning ... nice idea to set an intention for the day. Namasté
Hello there Silke! You are welcome! The morning routine and intention or 'day set up' is and has been essential for me in my life, happy to share with you and the others! Have a beautiful day!
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