Yoga for Depression: Clearing Morning Fog<br>Denise Antonini

Yoga for Depression: Clearing Morning Fog
Denise Antonini

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Karen M
This is a wonderful routine, thank you. I feel alive, and I will do it often. I especially benefited from the balances: Warrior 3? And it’s great the way you build the complexities and challenges of the moves and poses.
Tina Anderson
Strong and easeful flow that brings calm. Thank you Denise. Ill be practising this more.
really enjoyed this practice - many thanks.
Denise Antonini
You’re absolutely welcome Matthew S! It’s wonderful that you’re showing up consistently on your mat.  
David G-
Lovely way to begin my morning. Thanks for the advice of dropping into the breath. It with this uniquely stressful holiday season. 
Denise Antonini
Cheers to you David Goldstein for taking care of yourself and being consistent with your practice! That will get you through any challenging time. In gratitude, Denise
Lina S
I've really enjoyed this class and the different balance poses. I like the way you connect things or make links between poses during the class.
Denise Antonini
Thank you Lina for your feedback!  I am glad you benefited from the class.  In gratitude, Denise
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