Inner Workings: The Breath Loves You
Kira Sloane

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So beautiful! How amazing that in 10 minutes I could soften and receive that knowledge that I am deeply loved. Fantastic, Kira
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Zoe, you are!
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These practices are very calming and soothing for me - almost meditative in nature - which I find absolutely essential; I feel grounded, loved and safe.
Martie, love, happy to hear.
I am so grateful. Very healing and loving. I felt like you were speaking for my body. I wanted to start a conversation .
Kath, yes, these teachings exist in relationship. Happy to be practicing together.
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Lovely practice. Thank you!
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a lovely practice, thank you - it became a meditation of gratitude for me
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Dearest Katie, thank you for being here. xok
Dearest Elke, yes, I also often fall into a deep space of gratitude with this. Amazing. xok
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