Inner Workings: The Breath Loves You
Kira Sloane

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Beautiful practice Kira. Thank you
Helen, thank you for being here.
Beautiful, Kira Sloane you made me cry 💜 Thank you so much for this journey. Namaste
Nice practice! Thanks, Kira!
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Sandra Ž, you're back in the archives! I think this was the first video we ever filmed for Yoga Anytime. xok
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Love this gentle, nurturing practice. You are wonderful Kira
Ali H, ahhh, so happy to hear this practice was a match. Isn't the breath amazing?
Thanks for this lovely breath meditation! I’m always on the search for little exercises like this for my courses - and it fits perfectly as I always like to bring up the feeling of a loving relationship with our body. And in fact I rarely felt this love this intense before! Amazing! 
Astrid P, my heart soars hearing about your experience! xok
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