14 Days of Yoga for More Energy: Day 14: Stay With the Feeling
Brenda Lear

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Thank you SO much for offering this 14 day challenge. I really noticed a difference in how I felt after and am excited to do more! Can you recommend future practices to work from given the sessions you've just offered us?
Dear Karen, Thank you for your comment! We have a new challenge, 30 days of yoga happening in the new year that I think you will love! If you'd like to continue practicing with Brenda, you can see the rest of her practices here: http://www.yogaanytime.com/videos-b y/43/Brenda-Lear-Yoga Thank you for being here! Best wishes, Sarah
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Congrats Karen!!! As Sarah mentioned the 30 day challenge is coming up. I'm excited to take part in this one too. There are so many lovely teachers to practice with on yoga anytime who are offering an amazing variety. I often will try a new teacher once a week to learn or try something new. Enjoy the exploration.
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Wonderful I loved the series, I have definitely build up energy improved my flow and gained ease in the holdings. Thank you so much!!

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Very nice practice. I enjoyed the whole challenge! :)
Thankyou so much for thelast 14 days it has been great
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Thank you for a nicely paced programme. I'm feeling good.
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Thank you for every single and beautiful practice! I have to say that after every practice i slept like an angel. I start loving Yoga more and more!
I encourage my husband to do the 14 days because i want him to feel the wonderful peace of every practice.
Thank you Brenda Lear Brenda, you have an amazing way yo guide people like me to a new adventure of yoga!
Thanks Brenda. You are a wonderful teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed the 14 day challenge. My body mind and spirit are becoming one with grace, ease and poise. This is down to you and your colleagues at Yoga Anytime. Namaste.
Thank you
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