30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Feel Inspired
Robert Sidoti

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Robert thank you so much for today. It helped get me up and moving when I really needed the extra push. Thank you!
That's what we're here for Meaghan, to give you that extra little support or encouragement when it might feel a little easier to 'not' do it:) Thank you for showing here!!
Your a wonderful teacher. Thank you for being so encouraging. Looking forward to Day 4.
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I know this is an older series, but I enjoy going back,  appreciating your guidance into each posture.🌻🌾
Cheryl !!! Are you still here on Yoga Anytime?? What a beautiful photo you shared and I never responded (never saw it actually) - what a bummer, wish I had! Anyway, I hope you get this and that you're doing well during these circumstances we're all in. Have an awesome day!! Robert
Gld to have you here in this series Joan !! 
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Hello Robert,
Starting this program.  I like and need the core part of it.  Do you have any session that engage the core more? Thanks.
Hi joy !! Thanks for starting the challenge!! I hear you on the core needs, feels so good (afterward, lol) and very necessary for an overall healthy body! I'll copy a link here to a class called 'core vinyasa', hope it works for you! 
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I have enjoyed every breath, too. I do thank you for this challenge. Day 3 and I feel  better and better. 
Hello and good day to you Sofia !! Thanks so much for your comment and for being here! Are you still moving through the challenge? How are you feeling? Going well for you? Lmk if I can assist or help in anyway :)) 
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