30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 11: Move Forward
Robert Sidoti

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How's it going friends?? Keep up the good work and steady practice!
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This one was fun but I fell over a bit!!
I agree Lianne, this one was fun! and I feel very warrior like right now, :) thank you Robert! good day everyone!
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So I rolled up the end of my mat for crow pose this time and it worked even better than I thought it would! Still can't quite do the pose, but now it's not because of my wrists. :)
You are a warrior Maria! It's Day 11 and every comment from you is full of strength, confidence and positivity! Thanks for bringing your great energy to this community!
Elaine, I'm so glad that it feels better for your wrists! With good practice crow pose will come, be patient and have fun during the process:) You're doing great!
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One of my favs so far! Thanks for doing this.
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Really enjoyed this one Robert. I particularly liked moving through the warrior moves. Crow pose is very challenging but I liked how non-judgmental you are. I had a bit of a moment today thinking that maybe if I just keep trying it a bit everyday one day I may even be able to lift both of my feet off the mat at once and then .... well anything could happen
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I showed up again. Loving it. Loved loved loved the balance pose and really felt it in my shins and calf just as I released the pose. I also like the variation.
My pleasure Kit! How are you? Still around practicing? Happy Summer to you!
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