LEVITYoga: Hip Release
Peter Sterios

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omg-your pigeon sequence rocks. really great hip clarity from this practice. thanks.
Hi North, You get the "first to watch an Episode in Season 2 of LEVTYoga" Award! This entitles you to a 10% discount to my Esalen Retreat at the end of January! (if you are interested of course). Email me for more details!http://www.esalen.org/workshop/weekend-january-27-29/levityoga™-incredible-lightness-heart-mind-body
Hi Peter-I looked at the info for your retreat. It looks great and I would love to attend. But, timing is not good for me and since I live in Moab, UT much travel time is needed. Could you offer the discount to another student? And, I will look for another of your trainings that happens later in 2017. Maybe one that is longer than a weekend to balance out the time to travel to it! Thanks. From, North
Hi North,
Thanks for the sweet gesture to offer your "prize" to another student. I know someone else who would be happy to receive it.
I am teaching a 7-day Challenge in San Luis Obispo in October if you're interested and also a week-long retreat at the beach near Sao Paulo, Brazil in March next year, just in case you're interested.
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Loving that i can keep connected through these practices. I love your style of teaching. Miss being down there and coming into class, very grateful for this! Has Tawney thought about doing any practices on here? Missing her mommy baby classes fiercely! Much love to you all! Keep the practices coming! Namaste.
Hi Chelsey,
Yes, that's a great idea having Tawny teach some "Mommy" classes here, for moms who can't leave the house but want to practice... I'll float the idea with YogaAnytime!
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Wonderful sequence that took me deep in the hips/groins . . . and breath. Thank you, Peter. Your classes here are mini-workshops with such thoughtful sequencing, instruction, and pacing.
Hi Eric, Thanks for the comments and your time to respond. It is a pleasure for me when students experience the subtlety of the practice and how powerful the "little things" can be.
I felt so safe and supported through this practice, thank you! Will probably do this one again and again...
Hips and only hips. Very excellent poses. Wish the pace was a bit slower
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