The Yoga Flow Show: Let Go and Flow
Jasmine Tarkeshi

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I am no stranger to yoga and have a strong practice which I like to vary up with yoga anytime videos; but I think the instructions could be much clearer and more consistent in this video. The pacing was off for me as well, and the sequence felt rushed, unfortunately.
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Hi Tanya, thank you so much for your feedback. I will definitely take your suggestions into consideration when making more videos! Filming is a newer practice for me so a appreciate your sharing your experience. Thank you!
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Hi Jasmine - thanks for taking it in the spirit it was intended. Looking back at it, I think my main problem with the clarity of instructions was during the times you had us facing to the back of the mat (which translates to facing away from the device playing the video) and the verbal instructions alone weren't clear enough at several points for me. I ended up having to glance back at my tablet, which can be pretty disruptive to the pose. Thank you for taking my criticism in a constructive way!
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Thoroughly enJOYed this sequence. The movement is intended as invitations to play, take them or leave them you will smile if you give yourself a chance to play.
Mapi I am so happy you enJOYed! :)
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Aaah....loved the watery references and movements in this one. Some of the poses are those that I will probably be working towards forever, but this was still fun and I never felt left out of the practice - much love to you Jasmine ❤️ 🧜‍♀️ 🌊 ♓️🕉
Hi Jenny, thank you practicing with me :) I'm so happy you enjoyed the watery flow and diving in deep!!
This practice session never gets old for me, when I am traveling or not it grounds me as I start or end my day. BUT, I am ready for another 40 minutes "Feel Good Flow" Part II... just sayin'... ;) XOt's such a delight to learn different approaches to the yoga practice. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and grace.
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wow! Crazy intense road trip! Love the sequencing. I think a slower introduction to the sequence would help, before picking up the pace.  Thank you, Jasmine! I am LOVING your chakra yoga show, and was excited to find these sequences that explore the same themes.
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This did put a sukha on my mukha! I loved the flowing dancing first half, and really enjoyed stepping up into malasana and managed crow for longer than ever before. It got a bit pretzely for a while, so I stayed in malasana, but I felt a bit left out! I love your free flowing style and joy. Thank you.
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