Good Morning Yoga: Rise and Shine
Alana Mitnick

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Oh that was lovely!!!! Perfect to wake the body up in the morning!!!
Hi Brigette! So delighted to practice together!! xo Alana
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This has become my go-to class when I want to get a lot of good stuff in and only have 30 minutes. Did it last night for at least the 5th time.
Thanks for watching, Ted! Let me know what you are finding in your practice. :)
That was great, mahalo!
Hi Naim! I'm glad you enjoyed the practice. Mahalo!
I love this show! I practice with it almost every morning! Thank you Alana for your beautiful energy and loving embrace during this class, it really makes my day!
Good morning, Maddie! I'm so delighted that you are enjoying the practices. Thank you for your presence. Please stay in touch with any questions or discoveries along the way. xo
Namaste ! you made my day alana x
Namaste, Kristine! So delighted that you enjoyed the practice. Did your pug practice along? So sweet. xo
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