Good Morning Yoga: Rise and Shine
Alana Mitnick

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Thanks Alana! I feel ready to rise & shine throughout the day!
Hi Frederic, Wonderful! Your practice is working. :) Have a great day! All the best, Alana
Thank you. I love all of your classes but this one is my favorite. Namaste.
Wonderful Kay. So delighted to be practicing together on Yoga Anytime! Namaste, Alana
Alana, I've had an extremely distressing weekend - my mum, just 56 has been told she has expected liver and ovarian cancer. It's destroyed us, but this practice just gave me 30 minutes of peace. I would be grateful if you could point in the direction of any other practices which you feel may help me during this time. I very much enjoy practising yoga with you. Thank you so much. xxx
Dear Craig, Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry to hear the news about your mum. I can imagine that this is extremely distressing for you and your family. While yoga cannot change the situation or conditions, it can give us tools to navigate the chaos and uncertainty with more inner ease, compassion, and perspective or clarity. Yoga Anytime offers an ocean of resources and practices that can help support you. Please keep me posted on your journey. Stay close and connect in with any questions or comments. Best wishes, Alana

You might find some of these practices of useful:
Replenishing Floor Practice, restorative and nourishing
Meditative Flow, a slow practice to allow for ease
Awakening Flow, energizing and fluid
Warrior Flow, a grounding sequence
Hi Alana, I've literally just finished practising with you all the way from London on your 'heart warming' video. Again, this video has made me feel much better - my mind is thankful and grateful for the peace. Thank you for your kind words and the video recommendations. You're a wonderful teacher and this platform is such a valuable resource for myself and many others. x
Hi Craig, I am so glad the practice helped. I'm still always amazed how much better I feel after moving consciously with the breath - for even just a few minutes. I find to helps me to ground, center, connect, and feel more at peace with myself and the world around me. So happy you are here, and to be practicing together. Take good care of yourself, Craig.
Halfway through the practice the video froze in the middle of a pose could not get it to start again without starting over. I was sad as I was really enjoying the practice.
Theresa, we are so sorry this happened and appreciate your letting us know! We will look into it and we will send you some ideas for how to prevent this from happening again. xok
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