Yoga Power Hour: Flow Towards Splits
Sarah Lowe

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This is a good practice which I will repeat in the future. I plan on doing your other routines too. THanks.
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Thanks Suzanne! Happy to have you practicing with us!
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Love every flow you have...look forward to the new ones!
wooooooow Sarah Lowe this class is amazing, your voice is perfect... and you explanation super clear!!! Thank you!!!
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This is the third time I have completed this series, and I think this final practice might be my favourite. I love the slow steadiness, and the strength in this sequence. I really love your calm instructions Sarah. Thank you.
Ali thank you! It makes me so happy to hear this. 💕💪🏻
I did the 5 classes in power hour series and loved them all! Thank you!
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I loved this class towards the splits and I saved it in my favorites! 🙏🏻
Florence woo hoo, that's awesome to hear! 
Really great practice. Thank you 
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