Yoga Power Hour: Free the Body and Mind
Mary Dana Abbott

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Wow. Fun interesting & challenging!! I likey
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thanks for a great flow!! where did you get your top?? So cute!! thanks!!

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Thank you for an amazing, unique, and energizing class. Great way to start my day!
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Thanks for this playful practice! A comment not just for Mary Dana, but for the whole YA team: when an instructor demonstrates a unique move, it would be helpful for them to begin on the _camera_ side of the mat. Sometimes their movement (as in the beginning of this practice) is obscured. I thought, at first, that we were supposed to flip our hand over, onto its back -- as in Padahastasana -- then finally figured out that Mary Dana was rotating the fingers backward. Great move! But hard to see on the first side. Namaste and thank you again.
Yes, Erika, we totally agree and try our best, and yet sometimes the creative shakti flow WINS and we are at her mercy. Hah! So glad you are here and always appreciate yours support and help in making these videos better. xok
Hi Sherry! I got this top from Onzie.
Thanks for practicing and have a great day!
Thank you Diana:)
Happy you enjoyed!
Thanks for practicing and for the feedback Erika!
Awesome practice! I'm new to headstand, and today I got really close to the pose! On one attempt I somersaulted out of it but it was a great summersault :)
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I loved using the body to make the circles around the wrists. As a veterinarian, my hands and forearms can take a beating, especially when I have a lot of surgeries on the schedule. This new movement was liberating, and I will certainly use it frequently. The rest of the practice was not one of my favorites (maybe a little choppy???), but I LOVE how I felt afterward, so I'll take it!!
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