The Vinyasa Show: Spacious Legs
Mary Beth LaRue

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Hello there 😃, I enjoyed the practice and found the instructions very good, didn't even need to look at the screen. Surprised myself that I could some of the moves so well...finally.... 30 minute class is just right for me after a busy day at work. 😃
that means the world! i'm so glad you practiced. more to come. thank you seneda!!
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I love the pace of her classes. She keeps you moving so you can actually move with your breath. Doesn't use too much time to pause and explain everything, but instead keeps you moving so you don't have to awkwardly hang on out in a posture waiting for the next pose.
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Agree with the other comments that the pacing and queues are great. This sequence has fantastic stretching for the whole lower body while keeping you moving. Great way to start a day.
thank you Sara and Marisa! much appreciated.
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Mary Beth, I found you on Yoga Anytime and signed up so that I could take more of your classes after taking Yoga for Creativity. I really enjoy your classes!
Loved this for my tired, sore legs post-workout. Very soothing and therapeutic!!
I loved this flow. I don’t live out west anymore but I’m happy to have access to MBLs style and nurturing practices. Thank you!
Thanks Mary Beth!  This flow was perfect!  Just what i needed.  I love all your yoga flows.  Please make some more soon.
This was the perfect class for me this morning. Simply love the pacing and your calm manner. More from Mary Beth please!
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