The Yoga Flow Show: Flowing River
Shelley Williams

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The water quality is so evident in both body and breath throughout this beautiful practice. Nicely done.
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Love love love this practice. I felt so expansive and open afterwards.
Wonderful water wake up!
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Amazing! Highly recommend for creative sequencing and emphasis on alignment
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Such a creative sequence! Feels so good to move in new ways...
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I felt so recharged after this back opening practice!
Beth Glad you enjoyed it, this is one of my personal favorite practices!
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There was so much I loved about this practice!!! One of my favorites! Thank you! I just finished your recent 30 day challenge, I really enjoyed you as a teacher so I found you here! Thank you so much!
Mindy ! Welcome over to this program. This is one of my personal favorites, too. I am glad you enjoyed and thank you so much for sharing your kind thoughts. I feel honored to be part of Yoga Anytime, its so wonderful to meet people like you virtually!
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I LOVE the way a 30 minute practice with you never feels rushed. So sweet and flowing...
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