Keepin' it Real: Slowly Unwind
Robert Sidoti

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Jennifer, so glad to hear how you're feeling as you make your way through this challenge and your practice. And agreed, Robert's quite a fun teacher! Enjoy this period of discovery :) xo Ashley
Narayan ... glad you got that ‘gluten free’ comment:) I need to bring that one back into play more often, it’s kind of funny! 
Glad you enjoyed the practice and hope you slept well that evening 🙏🏽👌 
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i find your teaching brings much warmth and generosity - among other things it's helping me to internalise your voice and use this to make small improvisations as required. thanks Robert. :)
You are welcome Matthew ! Thank YOU!  So happy it seems to be helping you in the ways you've shared here!  
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Thanks so much, feeling spacious and open. 
Feeling and spacious is a good feeling :)) Thanks for sharing here Shanna O !!! 
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