Keepin' it Real: Strengthen and Stretch
Robert Sidoti

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Hi Chrissy! By now you’re in the challenge but I wanted to acknowledge your comment here... hugs and Happy New Year to you!!
My pleasure Shawnee, glad you are here practicing with me 🙏🏽✌️ Happy New Year 2018!!
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Some of the poses I haven't practised in a while I surely felt the muscles tonight! Thank you
Heeeey Jasmine T.! Don’t you just love feeling those muscles after they’ve been worked and used?! Feeing sore is that reminder of your hard work and effort the day or two prior, Love it! Thanks for sharing!!
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Robert, another soothing, warming practice that stretches, and helps me let go of tension. Breathing and stretching in a nice slower pace puts me in my happiness zone. Side plank is difficult due to wrist pain, is there some way I can adjust the pose? Love the side twists and pigeon poses, much more space in my hips. This will be a favorite practice, grateful for your teaching🌾🍃
Hello there Joan :)
Thanks for the update on how you’ve been feeling, love to hear it!
For the side planks, try doing them on your forearms rather than your hands, same benefits and very rewarding! Have a great day!
Hello, looks like I’m the only one commenting for a very long time, old practice?  Still, if you are checking these messages, I want to say that this episode was my favourite  “Keepin’ it Real” thus far. Love the flow and the challenge for me.  Not able to do all poses but found a way to compromise and actually feel my hips opening.  Pigeon pose is improving some as is the side planking.  Thanks again Robert! 
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Hey @Robert Sidoti, your classes are fantastic, thank you!!! 
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