30 Minute Yoga Flows: Happy Hammies
Sarah Beston

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Aaahhhh..... what a yummy practice. Thanks so much.
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THIS was great! thxs!
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Hi Lori, I am so happy you enjoyed the class and happy to be practicing together on Yoga Anytime!
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Hi Belin Laurie , thanks so much for trying out the class and glad you enjoyed it! All the very best, Sarah
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As the Queen of Tight Hamstrings I truly enjoyed this practice! Thank You
Dannette , I can totally relate! Glad you enjoyed the practice. All the best, Sarah
Hey Sarah, just a note that the video 'what you'll need' says just a mat needed but it looks like a strap is needed also? Thanks, Craig
Hey John Jackson ! Thanks for noticing. I will add the strap. Have a great weekend!
really enjoyed this practice and it was so true that one leg felt so much longer than the other after the initial strap movements...if i did this every day would i get taller? :D
Hi Emfortee! Haha, I am not sure if it will make you grow taller, but I will say that practicing yoga has certainly helped my posture a lot, which in turn makes me feel taller! Thank you for practicing with me online!
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