30 Minute Yoga Flows: Happy Hammies
Sarah Beston

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Lovely practice. I really enjoyed the hamstring flossing at the start, and then I experienced one of those effortless, blissful down dog moments and didn’t want to come out!
Wow Ali! Thanks for the great detail and feedback. I remember when I first started yoga and the teacher referred to down dog as a resting pose - I thought they were nuts! Now I really find it blissful as well. Happy to be practicing together! 
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Dear Sarah you are really knowledgeable and kind. Thanks again. It was awesome :)
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Sarah, I love my yoga sessions with you. 
I had some experience with yoga before. I used to do a combination of pilates & yoga, but decided to concentrate only on yoga. I took 14 trial days with Yoga any Time and I love this website. I "tried " few instructors and you are one of my favorite. I love how challenging enough your workouts are for me. I am definitely not a beginner but can't do headstands yet so I am comfortable on level 2 for now. But after this workout I just did with you I've realized am I pretty good and flexible. I could do every single pose easily. Thank you :D
So wonderful to hear, Joanna! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and practicing with me. Keep me posted on how future classes go for you or if you have any questions along your yoga journey. All the very best, Sarah
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Perfect. Namaste, Sarah!   : )
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Namaste, dear Kate! xo
Dear Zeynep, I am so sorry to have missed your kind comment from a while back. Are you still here practicing on Yoga Anytime? I hope so! Blessings, Sarah
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