Start Yoga: Practice 6: Slow & Steady
Alana Mitnick

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That was, in my opinion, the quintessential yoga class. All the bases were touched in 30 minutes! Feeling so awake and blissed out right now...thanks Alana ❤️
Hi Jenny, Yes, that was exactly the intention of this practice. I am so delighted to hear your experience...feeling so awake and blissed out. Stay with it! xoA
Thanks for the great introduction. Namaste.
Hi Brian! So delighted to be practicing together. Glad you are here with us. Namaste, Alana
Thank you for for the inspiration and introduction Namaste
Hello Nopera! So delighted you are here! Please keep me posted with any questions along the way. Warmly, Alana
Thank you so much Alana. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. Your clear, explicit directions really helped me move into the postures correctly. I found that by practicing daily and repeating the weekly practice , I began to improve, which gave me a real sense of achievement. This course was just what I needed to inspire me and make yoga part of my daily life. Please can you advise me, what would be best to follow on from this?
Hi Anne! It's wonderful to "meet" you. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed this Course. It's true, consistency in your yoga practice makes a huge difference, both on and off the mat!
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Please keep me posted on your questions and progress along the way. I look forward to hearing from you, Anne! Enjoy your practice. xo Alana Mitnick
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Thank you for your recommendations and encouragement Alana. I will keep in contact.
Hi Alana. I've completed all six weeks. I really enjoyed all of it. I liked the six week structure. It really helped me keep on track and consistent. I will continue with it for a while before moving on. Can you point me in the direction of what I could do next. Thanks very much.
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