10-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 9: Be With What Is
Rosemary Garrison

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Most interesting Rosemary! I´m experiencing toothache and found myself thinking, "I wish I didnt have toothache" just as you said "there is no better way to be"....wow it was a struggle to not get into an arguement with myself about that! So I went back to earlier day.... breathe in breathe out and counted down from 10......then I was back just here just experiencing it.thank you
Brilliant! Using the tools just as they are needed... just at the moment they are needed... so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
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There is so much in these quiet offerings. Practices for a lifetime. Lots of shantis.
Love to you, angel Lori.
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I loved your words "cultivating the capacity to stay with things without being swept away and just be in there". Thanks Rosemary. I can aspire to that mìndset every day. Namaste 
Ahhhh, that capacity... as it increases, I feel everything changes, Glenford. Do you? 
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Absolutely. I've been reading the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali : "The mind accumulates countless desires, although it exists solely for the sake of being close to the True Self" Namaste 
Absolutely! And how sweet it is when we land in/ access that True Self. 
Thanks Rosemary. I'm not to engage with body mind  emotions thoughts and simply watch the breath. To realise that I'm  enough and nothing needs to change. Perfect just as I am. Namaste 
Thankyou Rosemary, today my To Do list kept getting  in my way of a peaceful meditation but with your guidance I kept coming back to my breath.I hope I have the discipline to do this when meditating alone.🙏🌈
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