10-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 10: Rest in Your Seat
Rosemary Garrison

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thanks for this series - some valuable insights along the way.
My pleasure, Matthew. Thanks for taking the journey...
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Rosemary you are an amazing teacher. I enjoy all of your classes. This is the first time I've truly done any meditation and I really enjoyed it. I was a bit scared at first, wondering if I would be able to quiet my mind, wondering if the 10 minutes would drag on etc. But it was wonderful. I think I'll do it all again. Or maybe I'll put on my big girl pants and start the 21 day challenge! Thank you so much.
Chrys this makes me so happy to hear. It's rare (in my experience) to take to it and even enjoy it so quickly. Brava! Yes, try it all over again- it will likely deepen or go for 21. I'd say that takes big girl pants either way! ; ) Enjoy.
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Rosemary Garrison thank you, it was very nice that we shared this moment together because I have a hard time doing this alone...this is just the beginning, thank you
It is a joy to share, Janet . And I truly believe beginning meditation alone is nearly impossible... and maybe even unwise! So, yes, let's take the journey together. Enjoy!
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I have learnt how to empty myself of thoughts emotions and sensations and to connect with my breath and to be aware of an inner source energy and higher love.Thanks for your wonderful guidance Rosemary. Namaste
This is tremendous, Glenford . It makes my heart happy to hear it. Will you continue your meditation practice? I hope so... Keep me posted. And be well.
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Hi [Rosemary . Absolutely. I'm on Day 6 of the 21 Day meditation challenge and combining with a 30 Day Yoga challenge with Robert Sidoti.
Fabulous, Glenford
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