21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 14: Internalize
Nikki Estrada

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These meditation challenges have helped me to get back to where I look forward to my daily meditation. This is my 4th meditation period today. But this one is the only one that I used the mala and the mantra together and it is the only one today where I felt my heartbeat????
I have always found Hamsa to be a difficult mantra for me for some reason. I tried it again today with an open mind & it's a no go!!! Makes me unsettled. It's not a good one for me! Is anyone else having a similar experience?
Maybe I am strange but it is my favorite.
I am getting ready to do my 19th day on the 21 Day Challenge and after that I will meditate after again later with the mantra Hamsa. I will report back later with my experience.
I love that you, Nikki Estrada, and Curtis have such different experiences with this meditation! It so shows how wonderful it is that you offered us so many different techniques with which we could play.
Just redid 21 Day Challenge Day 11 using the mantra Hamsa. It is definitely my favorite so far. I went to meditate one Saturday after day 11 but forgot to take my mala beads. But I did remember the mantra Hamsa so I meditated with it. It was the best meditation experience for me there at that studio. I am so glad you are showing us many different meditation techniques. I am now practicing Taijiquan. I will have to learn some Daoist Meditation techniques. Don't know what the difference is between the techniques I have learned so far and Daoists Meditation but looking forward to it. Again thank you for showing us so much.
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It’s so interesting to hear you say that hamsa makes you feel unsettled, Nikki, because I had a similar experience with it today. Yesterday felt deep and calm, but that hamsa kept flying around my mind today and would not settle on its perch. Maybe it’s because of the energy of the day... it’s very windy today where I am, and also the last day of the year - and also, I meditated later than usual, not in the silence of the early morning. Anyway, onwards... πŸŒ€πŸŒˆ And Happy New Year πŸŽ† Thank you for your guidance πŸ§—πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
many thanks for this. did the practice just now - seemed ok to me - felt more grounded afterwards. maybe even a little easier than the soham. not sure why.
i did this practice again just now - when it seemed a bit mechanical after several minutes, your prompt regards infusing the words with a 'feeling tone' was very useful - the practice slowed down, warmed up and i settled down! many thanks.
My practice seems to getting smoother easier and more graceful. Felt I was surrounded by gentle energy which took the form of red orange and purple lights. I rested in that glow and the mantra just followed. Made a few shifts to make me comfortable and continued to the end relaxed focused and at peace. Namaste.
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