30 Minute Yoga Flows: Sun Salutation Flow
Sarah Beston

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Hi Sarah, thanks for the Beautiful Practice , I enjoyed it and felt great after .
Hi Rahul! I am so happy that this was a good practice for you and that you felt great after. Happy New Year!
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Great starting my practice with this. Thank you.
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Loved this again today..
Hi Gabriel so happy to hear that this has been a good practice for you! Sometimes a few sun salutations is all you need to feel so much better! All the very best, Sarah
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I'm on a business trip and it's cold/rainy outside. This was the perfect way to generate inner heat, energy, and enthusiasm for a day of great work.
I am so glad this practice was helpful, Eric! I personally love practicing first thing in the morning - it always sets the day up nicely for me. All the very best!
Great way to start a Friday morning. Thanks Sarah
Hi Kit & Dee Dee ! How are you both doing? Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! All the best, Sarah
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Great practice. Thank you
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