30 Minute Yoga Flows: Rooted Flow
Sarah Beston

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Good work Sarah. You just made my day!
Hi Stewart ! It makes my day to hear that I made yours! Have a wonderful day and thanks for practicing with me online!
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Really challenging for me, but good! Progress...thanks sarah
Hi Wendy ! I am so happy you are here practicing and challenging yourself! Progress not perfection! All the best, Sarah
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really really nice! thank you! love Katarina
So happy, Katarina ! Have a wonderful weekend and lots of love coming your way!
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Just what I needed for today and for the current situation that I am going through. Thank you
Good morning, Lee Joan. You are so welcome and I am so happy to hear you found what you needed in this practice. Sending lots of love, Sarah
Hi Sarah! Thx for this strong, sweet practice. I shared it with my daughter Mackenzie and our cat Athena this Saturday am. Xoxo. Namaste. Dee Dee
Hi Dee Dee! I hope the end of summer is going well! So happy that you were able to practice with your daughter and your cat! Have a wonderful weekend! Much love, Sarah
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