The Heart's Delight: A Summertime Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Nourish
Sarah Beston

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I love that, David G-! I am here on the east coast in Boston visiting family. Looking forward to plenty of ice cream! Thanks for checking out the challenge!
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Really yummy session to start with, Sarah. Lovely to have you back.....! Namaste Catherine   😘
So nice to be practicing with you again, Catherine A! I hope you enjoy the summer challenge! Sending warmest wishes, Sarah
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Greetings from Vienna.  What a wonderful practice to nourish and restore…….I look forward to sharing the whole series with  you, Sarah….SB
Hi Sara B! Vienna—How exciting. Thank you for sharing this series with me from afar. Miss seeing you live, and so happy that we get to practice together in this way.
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