The Heart's Delight: A Summertime Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Fluid
Sarah Beston

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I lived the opening seated sequence with the lotus mudra, seated cat-cow and serene twists. This set the tone for the whole practice and I felt an intense heart opening in pigeon and flipped dog. Thank you Sarah; I am so enjoying this series.
I am so happy you are enjoying the challenge, Ali! So happy to be practicing here with you! Warmly, Sarah
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I am really enjoying the practise and look forward to session 4. 
Hi Michele - So happy to hear and it's so nice to be practicing together here! Would love to hear how the other sessions are going as well. Warm regards, Sarah
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YogaAnytime: an essential service.
: ) Thanks y'all!
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Kate—haha, I love this comment! Sending love!
Dear dear Sarah. I am on day three. Let's hope for the best. Yesterday on day two I haven'managed my balance on one leg holding the other between my hands. I had to put my hand on the floor. I accept that. I must leave my ego out of my mat. Thank you so much again and again.
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Dear Caterina, one of the dearest lessons in yoga for me has been and continues to be what you just expressed ... to meet ourselves where we are at in any given moment with kindness and let go of ego on the mat so that we can try and do the same off of the mat. I hope you enjoyed Day 3 - keep going! Warmly, Sarah
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