Welcome to Yoga: Moving with Our Breath
Kira Sloane

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Thank you so much for this gentle and beautiful welcome back to yoga after a long absence. My body has been in pain and this was such a perfect way to begin to embrace movement again. Thank you for doing this.
Dearest Lizzy, thank you for showing up! xok
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I'm new to the site and so decided to start with the beginners show and work through from there. Kira, you made me smile a lot...the bus stop quote especially! A lovely way to start or return to yoga with some great insight into why certain things are done.
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It has been TOO long since I have been in practice. This was amazing Kira and I am so thankful. As a young widow my stress levels at times get high.. you started my day with peace and love. Many thanks!
Dearest Ali, sweet to be here together. Thank you for your tender kind heart. xok
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New to the site, so wanted to start at the beginning, although not a total beginner.

Thank you, this was really good. I love that by taking things really slow, I was much more aware and kinder to my body.

I allowed myself to use the bricks for the low lunge and actually managed to get deeper in a gentler way than I had done before (the muscles around my knee joints are very tight).

Thank you :)
Just encouraged my fiance (who's new to yoga) to do this practice and I did it with him (I've been practicing for 14 years) and it was great for both of us! :)
I'm super duper new to yoga. This was very helpful to me, thank you. I feel so good and relaxed now. Moving on to your next video. Namaste.
Dearest Georgina, thank you so much for your feedback and so happy the bricks helped! xok
Dearest Katie, Happy you are here! xok
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