Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 8: Breath Awareness
Shelley Williams

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Christy Li Hi! So glad you liked it! I love infusing Pilates methodology into yoga flows.... (I have been teaching Pilates as long as Yoga). There are a lot of great opportunities and cross-overlaps. Happy practicing!
The variety of each practice with the common threads running through is motivating (along with the hints of the "desserts" to come). Thank you!
Hey Kit & Dee Dee so glad you are enjoying these flows... It was so much fun to create this offering, and encouraging to know you are digging it... Thanks for your feedback and continued presence here!
That was great!! Thanks!!
Thank you for this flowing practice. I've enjoyed the "swinging" motion. It feels liberating!
I've enjoyed doing this practice! Thanks, Shelley! Kind regards!
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