Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence: Go-to Sequence v.2
Brenda Lear

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Enjoying this Go-To Sequence!  Looking toward all of them with three wonderful instructors.  Great for daily nourishment.
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Yes indeed! This is how i hoped it would be...having done one, there is a familiarity and then there is the twist...a little different in style because of the different teacher.  Really great idea!!Looking forwards to Rosemary’s now....(I hope there are a few of these sequences to come !)
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So this was interesting! Even though I just did the “same” practice yesterday with Alana, it did not feel repetitious at all..a testament to the importance of the little details, or nuances that can paint a brand new experience. I loved both practices equally, yet differently, if that makes sense LOL. Now I’m really intrigued for version 3!
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Thank you Brenda, for your interpretation of this sequence! Lovely.
Brenda Lear! I love your creative flair and spunk! So FUN to play in this experiment together. xoA
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nice delicious sequencing for an achey morning body
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Elissa aren't those warming and opening practices the best in the morning?

Thank you Brenda! It was interesting to have slightly different cues in this go to sequence. It shows that there is always room for exploration and play.
Lovely routines in this challenge.  Enjoyed Brenda's dynamic delivery and snappy pace.  Thanks for another 30 minutes of bliss. Namaste.
Lovely practice. Thank you.
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