Chakra Course: Chakra 1: Muladhara
Jasmine Tarkeshi

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I always enjoy revisiting the chakras! This was wonderful! I love your interpretations and insights into the chakras and look forward to the next ones. thank you! Did I miss something about pdf files tho? 🙏
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Diane glad to hear you're enjoying this revisit! The PDFs are found at the bottom of the description below the video. Here's the one for Muladhara.
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Hi beautiful Jasmine. Started doing this course and it feels like being back in yoga school but having a new perspective. Thanks for giving me the guided chance to deepen into the chakras. Sending you so much love from Switzerland. Jasmine

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Jasmine I'm back at the "bottom of the ladder" to follow these practices once more, but one day after another. Really loved this practice today, even more so than when we started out over a month ago. I'll be doing some digging in the garden later... and think about all the associations you explore here. Thank you again : )
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This practice: 
a prayer of gratitude rising up from the deep, rich, loam - 
an earthy song of thanksgiving... 
(just perfect as a prelude to preparing our Canadian Thanksgiving feast today). Love, love.
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Kate we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! So grateful for you :)
So good!! Thank you!!!

I was looking for the pdf to download, it's probably right underneath my nose, but can you please direct me to its location? Thank you.
Laura, sorry it was hard to find. It's below the course's description. Here is the link to the PDF for the Muladhara Chakra.
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Kira Sloane Thank you
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