Good Night Yoga: Unwind from Work
Dana Slamp

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Thanks  Dana. I certainly will rest easy after this beautiful relaxing calming  practice. Namaste 
Thank you Glenford! To your practice, Dana
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Very sweet, relaxing practice, Dana. The jaw release was fun - I was glad I had the house to myself  so that I could just let go into it! 
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Kate, I love it! Keep yoga weird 🤣🥰
Thanks Dana, I'm loving all your classes :)
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Thanks Helen - So glad to hear it, and wishing you peaceful sleep!
Thoroughly enjoyed this class and it was exactly what I needed. Keeping this as a fave to keep coming back to.
I find this practice great for first thing in the morning too. Thank you.
Ooh, good idea.  Thanks Karen!
Great practice, Dana! I really liked it!
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