Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Week 4: Fire Body
Suniti Dernovsek

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This has to be my favorite from this course so far! Thank you
Amazing practice! The opening sequence with the transitions from lying on floor to standing were really transformative! Thank you so much Suniti
Wonderful! I'm so glad you found that action transformative Katrin. Thank you for sharing your experience and for practicing with me!

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Thank you for teaching this course; this is amazing.
Awesome!  So glad you are enjoying this course!
Love the play with getting up and down in different amounts of time. シ 
Hi Rylla R, me too! Getting up and down and shifting timing is a wonderful practice!  Thanks for sharing!
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Suniti, the four classes have been very interesting. Today I enjoyed the getting up and down, the squats (acquired much heat), the stretches and especially the meditation…funny thing is as soon as you said don’t scratch the itch, one arose. I sat with it and it dissipated. Thank you for your suggestion  in pausing when I reach for chocolate…it was what came to mind when you said to pause when automatically reaching for something. I thought I looked at a lot of my personal stuff, but when you mentioned homelessness and feeling for that, it stirred up some thoughts. You are an inspiring teacher and very insightful. I liked the connection you mad between heat and discipline too. So grateful for your guidance. I really love the pace in which you lead into poses and the amount of time we hold them all, especially corpse pose, so many rush that. I think it’s the most important pose to hold. Peace and blessings to you, Brenda 
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Thanks you Brenda S for this thoughtful post! It’s really lovely to hear how you are inspired by these classes and making the connections into your life! What a gift. 
Thank you. 
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