Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Apana Vayu
Ali Cramer

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I did really like the sequence, but I think it could be slowed down by a lot. I felt like the transitions were way too quick for me, and I would have benefited much more if we had gone through 1-2 less sequences and been in the poses for longer.
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Hi Emily, thanks for sharing your experience. As this is a mixed pace practice, my understanding is that Ali created this sequence to both connect with that excess vata energy and well as guide us into a grounding space. 

If you would like to try out some of Ali's slower paced classes, may I suggest looking at the different evening practices in Season 1? Also, feel free to slow down the video the next time you give this practice a try (the gear icon on the bottom corner of the vid, I like 0.75x when I want to move deliberately in certain sections of a practice or give myself more time in a pose). I hope this helps!

Ashl ey from Yoga Anytime
Sonja and Robin thank you so much! Glad it was helpful and Happy Holidays! Namaste, Ali 
Emily I think  Ashley-Marie Olgado has the right advice for you. The evening practices in Season 1 are slower and how great is it that Yoga Anytime has the technology to slow a sequence down if we want?! Happy practicing! 
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So grateful for this practice today.  Thanks, Ali Ma.  xoxoxo 
Zack thank you so much! So happy to share. Namaste. 
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You are a master of creative flow, Ali! Wonderful to see you in this venue. Blessings. 
Martt thank you so much! Happy practicing! 
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Thank you so much!  I love your style.  I have a question-in Bharadvajasana's twist-is your entire seat grounded or does it matter if your opposite seat pops up a bit?
Zoe you might want to try a folded blanket under you if your seat is feeling uneven. It’s okay if the hip is up slightly but it might put strain on the knee If you’re trying to get it down so best fo try using the blanket. Let me know how that feels. Namaste! 
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