Good Morning Yoga: Inspired Flow
Alana Mitnick

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I loved this practice. Perfect in the morning (or anytime). Thank you Alana.
Wonderful, Anastasia. So glad you enjoyed! xoA
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Lovely  morning yoga thank you
Good Morning, mary! Thank you for being here! So delighted that you enjoyed the practice. Love, Alana  
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Delightful for getting all of the kinks out at the end of the day!
Yay, Christel. So glad you got your practice in... to unwind, get the kinks out, and Connect. Wishing you a deeply nourishing weekend. Love, Alana 
So lovely exactly what I needed! Thank you
Wonderful, Nadia! Thank YOU for being here! xoA
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I love your classes so much!! Thank you for teaching!!
Thank YOU so much, Laura M! It's truly an honor and joy to practice together and experience the magic that is Yoga. I am so grateful for your presence here. Love, Alana 
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