Gentle Yoga: Gentle Strength
Alana Mitnick

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So happy to find another series from you Alana.  I love the gentle side stretches, and so enjoyed the standing neck stretch turning the palm up.  I could feel it not only in my neck but in my shoulders.....delightful.  I was nice and opened for triangle pose, and glad to use the blocks.
Looking forward to  your newest practice🌾💮
Joan, Thank you for sharing, always. So delighted to be practicing and investigating together in this way. I'm so glad you found the sequence enjoyable and supportive. Love, Alana 
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what a sweet class to unwind in the evening! Thanks, Alana.
Hi Sonja, Lovely to practice and unwind with you! I find there some initial effort required to allow for a flow of greater EASE. Love, Alana 
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Many thanks Alana.I've hada hip injury soneeded  a gentle practice.  Perfect.  Happy New Year.  Namaste. 
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It's good to be back, I missed you guys. Life is better with YogaAnytime.
Hahaha... this made me smile, Glenford. So happy to hear! Your presence and participation plays an integral part. Grateful. 
Truly wonderful to hear from you, Glenford. Happy new year and welcome BACK! Glad to hear that you're moving gently with your hip. Namaste, Alana 
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This series is awesome!  Perfect fit for beginners as well as those of us who have taken up yoga at the ripe old age of 76.  Thank you so very much!
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This was awesome! I was in an ugly head space before the practice, with that monkey mind endlessly chattering about how I've been done wrong at work. lol Now, my mind is calm and I feel centered and relaxed. Like you say, yoga works! Thank you Alana. 
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