Gentle Yoga: Quick and Cozy
Alana Mitnick

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Glenford, Oh my goodness (LOL)... I love this so much. Sounds like a wonderful partner yoga experience... so glad both you and Tina enjoyed your practice together! Namaste, A
Sweet dreams, dear Kate. May you rest deeply and peacefully. Love, Alana 
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This is such a wonderful, fundamental self-care practice and a great addition to the toolkit. Thank you, Alana. It's lovely to see you here. xo
HI Lori, So refreshing to hear from you. Exactly... it's my self care go-to! So happy to be practicing and connected in this realm. I love forward to seeing you in the flesh. Love, Alana 
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A truly beautiful practice! Thank You  
Thank you for joining me, Bridgid! So glad you enjoyed this practice. Love, Alana 
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Amazzzzinngggg.  I'm just getting back into yoga/into my body after having my third baby, and this is just the right speed, and depth.  Thank you!!
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