60 Minute Yoga Flows: Balance and Shoulder Release
Wade Gotwals

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Feeling especially zen after this one, Wade. Just what I needed. Thank you! :)
So great to hear Kylie W and thanks for the shout out! Keep the Zen vibes alive!
Lovely class thank you
Joy A Great to hear from you and so glad you connected with this Flow!
Wow, I was really sweating with this one. Great class, thanks!
Hi Laura M YES to turning up the heat!!
Wade, you crushed the ego for sure. Great sequences and stretches. I learned new things and approached old things in new ways. The class was demanding and meditative. Thanks for drawing our attention to lower back care. I often move beyond my edge for some imaginary prize. 
Hi David G- Thank you for such a great share! I may have to use the quote - moving beyond my edge for some imaginary prize'! I love this and this is so real. Especially for Men in general doing yoga- it's like we were conditioned to compete in our younger years and then in yoga- we aren't sure what we are competing with?! Almost all of my injuries come from this place - Great share ! thank you and glad you are feeling the flows!!
Agreed. I am competing against my ego, but  the boy in me who used to be very flexible before trauma, conditioning, arthritis and thousands of miles on a bike. Thankfully, every teacher on YA provides alternatives and I can improvise now. Birgitte Kristen mentioned a time early in her personal practice, where she went into child's pose in class and her teacher scolded her. That stuck with me. How ridiculous. 

Meant to include this above: the quad stretches, side stretches and the setup for the handstand were really helpful, puzzle pieces actually. The clarity of your instruction (this is my 28th year teaching HS English) is fantastic, and it's cool to see how fluid you are between asanas. See you on the mat soon. Namaste
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David G- I hope you know how appreciated you are in the world right now for being a HS teacher and trying to steer young minds in the right direction, especially amid all the challenges we are facing - Thank you!! The owners and staff at Yoga Anytime do a great job of finding teachers that are inclusive and teach from the heart - so we are lucky to be on this platform! They are my family now! Thanks for sharing some of your challenges and your journey...I know this helps others feel more comfortable about jumping on the mat and trying something new with out feeling defeated before they start! I think if yoga isn't  helping us to be  kinder, patient and more compassionate with ourselves and others, then we aren't doing it right! Thanks for being on the journey with us!!
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