Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 10: Balance 4
Nathan Briner

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Nathan I’m really enjoying this challenge! Lots of really strong work nicely balanced with some quiet, restorative type postures. This class flew by and I’m feeling energized and calm at the same time...☪️
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Feeling fantastic, thank you, Nathan. ‘Feel the line of energy’ is another phrase I will take forward with me.
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Thanks so much for this challenge, Nathan. I'm semi-new to yoga and you've been very easy to follow. I'm feeling amazing and already able to do far more than I was on day 1. 
Jenny, I love to hear that you are feeling the changes happening. That is what it’s all about. With your dedication the results will come. Great job! Thank you for sharing your experience :)
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Thank you for this challenge! It is wonderful and I can feel myself getting stronger and more flexible. I currently work out regularly but this is a new challenge since I don’t do much yoga. I am also 22 weeks pregnant (don’t worry taking precautions and modifications as needed) and I feel wonderful! 
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Feeling great. thank you Nathan. Doing a short practice everyday is much better and easier than a longer one twice per week.
Amber right on! Glad you’re loving the practice :)
Carol I think it helps to really notice the changes when it’s daily practice. 
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HI Nathan,  I am really enjoying this challenge, and look forward to each new day. I am a little behind, on Day 10, and finding that my hips are feeling unprepared for the full standing pose on one with arms ahead and leg up, following the crescent pose and the oblique upper body. I am going to need to work up to that one! I was able to hold it for a little while with block support, and will keep working on it, on strength.
Otherwise, I feel great and it's really wonderful to practice daily. Thank you!
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Loving these daily varying challenge  routines.  Glad when you said that you might not be able to sit totally straight when cradling the leg.  This was true for the one side where the knee is not as accommodating.  I'm noticing what a difference a body's build makes like long limbs compared to short.  Love the way you keep building on previous work.
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