Yin Yoga: Expansive Yin<br>Jeanne Korn

Yin Yoga: Expansive Yin
Jeanne Korn

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Ersan Kaan E
Thank you dear Jeanne. 
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Hi Ersan, my pleasure!  I hope you continue to enjoy ;)
Margo S
Hi Jeanne, great class! Are there any modifications for each pose for those of us w/o as much flexibility? Warm Thanks, Margo
Tamara P
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I didn’t realise how tight my chest was and how limited my breathing had become until I finished this session and felt so much lighter and clearer. Thank you.
HI Margo, There are lovely modifications that give the body a nourishing,  gentle stretch.
The first Pose sitting on a block with knees bent: Hero's Pose:
 try sitting up higher on a block, or on a firm bolster

The next Pose One legged Reclining Hero's Pose (which I'm reclining on a bolster): 
try this (see photo) Reclining Lunge, It softens the whole front body!  I ease my way into it; bicycling the legs, then settle  in for several minutes each side.  Set the left foot on the floor w/knee bent for a bit gentle experience:)
Let me know how its going!

Tamara hello!  Wow, so wonderful to hear, thank you for sharing!  I love this series,  it softens the whole front body, opening lots of space for breath.  Glad you enjoyed! 
Rachel S
Oh, FABULOUS. I am a yoga teacher, and have never done Yin before this! How has this happened?! I love restorative and Nidra... and now Yin! Woot! That hit the spot. Thank you!
Hiya Rachel
this is exciting, welcome to Yin Yoga!  You may just fall in love with it and want to start teaching it!  Enjoy:)
Melissa K
This isn't a class for anyone with knee pain or knee problems, please state this before entering the class
Hi Melissa, Thankyou for the feedback, here are a couple of modifications that are gentle on the knees.  I hope this brings some support, let me know how it feels:)
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