Move to Meditate: Willpower Flow
Nuria Reed

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Really interesting flow sequence! I loved the "skater's pose" transition and would like to play more with that in my practice. I will definitely have to revisit this video to really explore the depths you invite us into...
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Kate, wonderful! It makes me happy to know you enjoyed my creative take on some classic moves. Looking forward to hearing what you do with it. x
Diane Thank you for being here! I also enjoy the big snake pose. ;) 
Such a beautiful flow. Thank you Nuria.
Kendra Thank you for being here!
soooooo good!! I love when you talk about "effortless effort of being you". That really resonates with me. Thank you!!
I always love your original sequences and your energy, thank you for being here  
Laura M Effortless effort comes from a few inspirational teachers in my life. I am so grateful to them and how their words pass from me to you. x
Claudia-Sam C Thank you! I appreciate you appreciating my creativity and being here. x
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