Vibrant Flow: Centered & Strong Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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Loved this practice - exactly what I needed today!  Also - I love your yoga pants - what is the brand?
Thank you, Eileen . I'm so happy it hit that spot! My yoga pants are a small, new brand called Ghostflower. Enjoy. 
Dear Rosemary, it is such a pleasure to practice with you. Your voice, your pace are able to guide me in a deeper world.....after the practice I found myself full of energy but very light at the heart.  I remember the moment we start the practice, when we get conscious about the breath, the body, the mind, the space around us..... after is an amazing sweet journey in my beautiful world where every tine , little movement have a meaning, guided by my deep breath......  at the and I found myself  landed on the mat with incredible peace and joy. As teacher I wish I could share to others the same sensation you are giving to me! Thank you :))
Oh, Francesca , this is remarkably kind of you. I am deeply grateful for the reflection. Are you a yoga teacher?! I imagine you do guide your students there. If you can feel it, access it and it speaks to you so deeply... I'm sure you open that door for your students as well. Gratefully, R
wow.. this one kicked my ass. thank you
Excellent! Happy to hear it, Conrad Kaczor . Enjoy. ; ) 
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I loved the practice! It was a challenge for sure with moving from standing splits into the leg going forward, but I did it!! Thank you! You are an awesome reacher.❤️
Thank you, Tonia T ! That is so very kind. And brava to you for going for it and moving thru the challenging transition. It's so enlivening when we experience/ accomplish new things- physically and energetically. Be well!
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