Soulful Flow: Move In to Expand Out
Sarah Beston

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absolutely LOOOOOVED this wonderful practice -- thank you!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the practice, Erika H! Sending love from California, Sarah
Great practice. Thank you 
You're so welcome, Gabriel W. Thanks for practicing with me and have a great weekend, Sarah
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Hi Sarah, I have been doing your classes every day and they have greatly helped me. Thank you so very much. Melissa
I’m so happy to hear that, Melissa C! Thanks for dropping me a note and please let me know how your practices are going. Warmly, Sarah
I love this one and all the releasing videos. I have done a one hour class everyday for the last 4 to 5 weeks and 85% are yours. They have been so helpful. I would love a good shoulder / upper back one hour video one day...planting seeds- yet this one really helps. I really appreciate what you bring to these videos.
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