Soothing the Nervous System: Ground and Arrive
Kristin Leal

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This is what we all need now...I was feeling fearful and quite sad today, a feeling of helplessness that has gripped me during these unpredictable times. Your soothing voice guiding my mind and body through this yoga nidra finds me feeling much, much more hopeful and clear headed. I highly recommend carving out an hour for this nourishing practice ☮️💟🕉
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PS: loved the animal companion sighting - what a beauty!
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Thank you so much Kristin, I really enjoy the mix of meditation, explanation of the nervous ssytem and the finsh with a Nidra. I have used it morning, midday and during that 4am when I least wish to be awake. 
wow amazing Petra  I'm so happy that you are finding the practice helpful! Every class in this series will be sequenced this way!
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Oh Jenny me too:) These are very challenging times and I've had to double down on my practice lately. I hope that you find the rest of the series helpful too. And yes my kitty is the real star of the show and he won't let me forget it  teehee
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Wonderful  practice Kristin, I feel amazing!
Katrin I'm so happy to hear that! Thanks for practicing with me:)
You eased my anxiety after a fearful day of returning to teaching yoga under these stressful circumstances 
Lorraine Winnipeg, canada
ah Lorraine ! I haven't returned to in-person classes yet (I'm based in NYC) I can imagine how stressful that is. I'm very happy to hear you are taking care of yourself with Nidra:)
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WOW you are in NYC. I would love to take class in person one day. Do you teach in NYC!! that would make my day :)
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