Trust the Connection: 20-Day Yoga Retreat: Day 1: Clear and Refresh
Wade Gotwals

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Happy New Year Wade and all the team at Yoga Anytime! Very excited to share this home retreat with you, and I loved this opening class.
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Thank you to a fun and simple start of the year. With smiles and giggles in shooting energies you’re always bringing in your classes a touch of keeping it humanly possible. Wade I’m ready to begin the day in humor and strengths. I love the flow and abilities to add personal intuitive moves to your ways of teaching. It was equally simple and equally challenging. Thank you from my heart . 
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I really loved this class and practicing together wit everyone! What a great start of the New Year! Thank you Wade
This was a lovely perfectly paced class.  I didn't do it live but enjoyed it nonetheless.  Happy New Year!  Thank you for starting my morning off with great energy and movement.  - Anastasia
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Thank you Wade for a great class. I practiced with you live at Exhale in Chicago and always appreciated your energy and the awesome adjustments you gave! Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year Ali thanks for starting off the retreat with us on day one!! We have been looking forward to sharing this with you all for a while!!
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Hi Djamila thanks for such a kind, heart felt message! It's so cool to be able to imagine you all practice with me around the world- feels so connected when that is our intention, thanks for sharing yours!!
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Katrin Happy New Year! so glad you started yours off with us and felt the collective energy of the group!
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Hi Anastasia T so great to hear from you and that you were able to start your day off with the Day 1 replay! Happy New Year and hope to practice virtually with you soon!
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Angela M Wow so nice to know you were there and those awesome memories from our Exhale days started flooding back! I loved the intimate space there and the fun group that showed up on those Fridays...felt like family!! big hug!
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