20 Minute Yoga Flows: Feel Good Yoga Workout
Robert Sidoti

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Love love love you Leslie C !! :)) Thank you for your very positive and supportive comment and for practicing here with us all! Happy Summer!! 
Hey there Eric M !! The Yoga practice is a sneaky little thing sometimes - just when you think you're not in the mood or having a down day - BOOM, it elevates us, leaving us feeling better than when we began - sometimes it doesn't feel that way when we are in the middle of it, the tough moments, then they pass and we feel accomplished and empowered! I appreciate your comment here Eric!! All my best, Robert 
Charlotte M ! Thank you for starting your day with us - this little 20 minute practice packs a little punch :)) 
Let's dooooo thiiiiis Kate M !! Hope your class goes well - sounds like a fun one!! 
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Robert Sidoti it went well! Thanks again for the inspiration!!
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Such a fun practice! Loved it thanks!
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What a great surprise to find this on YA today!!!  I’ve fallen out of practice the last couple months.  (We got a puppy, so my yoga time has been harder to fit in).   Managed to squeeze in quite a lot in 20 minutes here!   Thank you!!!  
I feel like I was in the gym after this practice! Thanks, Robert! Kind regards!
Great practice, and love that you are doing it from home
Thanks Robert Sidoti - this was a brilliant 20 mins!  I am ready for the day. Thank you! 
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