Chakra Vinyasa Flows: Sacral Chakra: The Quads
Quamay Sams

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A superb 45 min session, Quamay. I really appreciated your detailed instructions and gentle encouragement throughout. Engaging the hip flexors properly is always a bit problematic for me in standing poses like high lunge, but tightening the glute muscle really had an amazing effect :) Looking forward to next Monday's session.......Xxx
Thank you Quamay! I really enjoyed the way you progress toward the peak pose! every breath with eyes closed it's been an amazing practice.
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Wowza! What a yummy practice Quamay! I have really loved this series with the intimate emphasis of the legs. I believe my new favorite version of lizard is lifting my knee up with my foot facing down. Also, in camel I really enjoyed flexing my glutes as I bent back, it really opened the front hips and chest so nicely. Mondays are a real treat. 
With gratitude, 
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I appreciate how you get the body into optimal alignment. Your flow of the class is superb. Thank you for adding presence to my day. 
I love how embodied I feel after your practices, Quamay!  The consistent reminders to take our time and be in our bodies is a delight! Thank you for this practice.
Terrific class on engaging and strengthening the glutes and thighs as we pay attention to where we put our energy.  Great instructions and options were provided.
Hi Quamay,
Thanks for this great series . This morning I feel just wonderfully spacious and calm after this slow smooth session - now, if I can just remember to ¨practice the pause¨off the mat, well my week should flow as smoothly ... !
Thank you Quamay! Sweet practice : ) Once again, loved your cueing, pacing, and sweetly encouraging presence!  : )
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Thank you, again, Quamay! So good. I am enjoying this series with you!
Your wise words about pausing were so welcome. A beautiful beautiful practice. Thank you Quamay.
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